Friday, 13 April 2007

.Net 1.1 vs .Net 2.0 Performance

We've been on the hunt for information on the performance differences between ASP 1.1 and ASP2.0. I've hunted around the Internet for information on the differences in speed between the two architectures, however very little information seems to be available.

The closest I've found is the following Microsoft article however this seem a little like PR (reads like a Gartner "rent a quote" report) rather than real life observations. Is anyone aware of articles with independent testing of the throughput of a 'normalish' web based application. For example an eCommerce or CMS system. We are aware that 2.0 applications start far faster, but our sites are constantly accessed so this is less of an issue. More importantly are we likely to increase or decrease load on our server farm as we migrate to 2.0. Are our customers going to get a faster experience or is it much of a muchness with better controls and development environments?


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Interesting to know.